Arkham Harley Quinn

Posted on 20/07/2013,

Arkham Harley Quinn is a card you can obtain in Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile devices. It was initially released with the original release of the game and can be obtained through a number of ways. One of the most notable way is completing the quest required from the WBID connection with the console version of the game.

You can also obtain the Arkham Harley Quinn card by purchasing the Gold Booster Packs which will give you an opportunity at getting the character into your game. The odds of getting the card is random.

Character: Arkham Harley Quinn

Arkham Harley Quinn
How to Obtain
Price: Gold Booster Packs or from WBID
Unlock: WBID Mission
Release Date Original
Psychotic Sidekick
Harley and her teammates deal 10% more DAMAGE.
Pop Pop Bag-o-Tricks Mallet Bomb
Requires level 1 Requires level 5 Requires level 20
A toy weapon becomes lethal in the Harley Quinn’s twisted hands. Harley performs one of three RANDOM EFFECTS: Damage Boost, Bomb, or Health Gain. A mallet. A bomb. That’s what Harley uses to smash her opponent. UNBLOCKABLE.
Support Cards
HEALTH - Poison Ivy ATTACK - Harley’s Mallet ENERGY - Mr. J
  +10% Health for Harley Quinn +10% Damage for Harley Quinn +10% Energy Regeneration for Harley Quinn
Card Promotions
 Promote your card with the Promote button when you have extra character cards in the game.

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